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"tao of the devil"

"...he presents yet another piece in his catalog that should be considered essential to longtime fans and novices alike. Very clearly one of 2016’s best albums." - The Obelisk






the low desert punk band



"It’s much different than the first Low Desert Punk Band record, Black Power Flower. It’s a lot different. Bubba and I did some collaboration, we wrote a handful of songs together. Bubba and I really focused on the production, we had a concept. We wanted to go with a, not lo-fi, but definitely not a hi-fi sound. So we kind of left it nice and raw. Seven tracks on the vinyl, then we have a bonus track for the CD, which is an edited down 14-minute kind of organized jam.

Then we re-recorded “Lazy Bones” and “Automatic Fantastic” and “Freaks of Nature” because this band in particular has a very unique take on those tracks that I really dig and I wanted to document those because I have a feeling we probably won’t be doing them forever. I did those and those which will come with the vinyl in a box set." - Brant Bjork, Interview with The Obelisk

(NAPALM RECORDS, Sept 30, 2016) 

Vocals, Guitar / Brant Bjork
Guitar / Bubba DuPree
Bass / Dave Dinsmore
Drums / Ryan Gut



(NAPALM RECORDS, Jan 23, 2015)

"10 records on from his solo debut in 1999’s Jalamanta, there’s little question he remains the godfather of desert groove and that no one else does it quite like him." - The Obelisk

Vocals, Guitar / Brant Bjork
Guitar / Bubba DuPree
Bass / Dave Dinsmore
Drums / Tony Tornay